Monthly Membership Meetings

Second Tuesday of the Month, September Through May

TIME: 7:30 P.M.

PLACE: Freeport Memorial Library

144 W. Merrick Rd.

(at S. Ocean Ave.)


DATE: Tuesday,October 4, 2016

SPEAKER: Isabel Fernandes & Dennis Fleury

TOPIC: An Evening With Wildlife

At our next meeting, we’ll be presenting the speakers before the coffee break, so that children who need to go home before our typical 9:30 quitting time can join us.

Isabel and Dennis, the co-directors of Tackapausha Museum and Preserve, will be bringing an assortment of animals (including birds of prey) for us to view and learn about.

Isabel holds a B.A. in wildlife management from Cobleskill University; is a state-licensed wildlife rehabilitator and falconer; is the wildlife care coordinator at Sweetbriar Nature Center; has rescued, rehabilitated, and released more wildlife than most have ever seen; and is an arachnophile with an international collection of over 30 spider specimens. Dennis holds a B.A. in education from Cortland State University, is a state-licensed wildlife rehabilitator and veterinary assistant, and has been rescuing animals since early childhood. Both once worked for Audubon NY at the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary, and both received SSAS’s Elliott Kutner Conservation Award at our annual dinner last June. Join us!

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